Monday, 23 May 2016

Lust Haves #3

Aloha my cherrypies, so it's been a bit of a quiet few weeks for me but I'm super excited as I shall be moving into my new flat in two weeks!! So look out for lots of house posts! Super exciting! So as it's been a quiet few weeks I thought I'd show you what I'm currently lusting after and what I have stored in my shopping basket awaiting the arrival of payday!

 So the first thing on my list is this amazing faux leather pink leather skirt and jacket, it's by one of my favourite brands Pinup Girl Clothing and I just adore it. I've gone a little crazy for pink lately and this just ticks all the boxes for me, they also do it in a full wiggle style dress which I also love but I prefer this set so that I can mix and match tops.

My second lust have is something that has taken me back to childhood, as a kid I was obsessed by the Anime series SailorMoon and I would have been in heaven if I could have had this compact when I was younger. Luckily I'm an adult now and can buy what I want so this is definitely something that I will be purchasing! It's so cute and make different sound effects which is just too adorable! The compact is made by a company called Proplica which is Japanese company that also makes lots of other Sailor Moon goodies too so I can add to the collection ;)


 Thirdly on my list is this wig by Lush Wigs, I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter fan and I always wanted Tonks power to be able to change my hair super quick and then it occurred to me! Why not get a wig? So I've been searching the net and this company seems to come very well recommended and the prices are seriously good! Magical hair here I come!

And lastly! If you have been looking on my Instagram you will have seen that my favourite colours are Mint and Pink so when I saw these shoes I thought how perfect they were. These shoes are by a company called Bettie Page shoes by Ellie but you an get them on Unique Vintage, I adore the scalloped edges and think they would go perfectly with the pink leather skirt and jacket above ;)

Coco Von Vintage x

Monday, 2 May 2016

Bygone Times - Bluezenn Vintage Underwear

Aloha my cherrypies, so this Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Bygone Times which is in the Preston area, for those of you that don't know Bygone Times is amazing place to shop for vintage and antique nick nacks. The shop consists of 6 huge rooms filled to the brim with individual stalls selling all sorts of vintage from clothing to home wears. So while there we ventured downstairs to Bygone 3 which is the 3rd room and I happened to see a flash of pink silk behind a screen! So naturally as any girl would I went to investigate the source of this pink silk and it was there that I found the Mecca of vintage underwear! There were girdle and bullet bras galore all in pretty pastel colours, its safe to say that I had entered heaven!

After seeing my mesmerised face the owner was quick to come over and explained that the store had only recently opened as it had previously been in Scotland. I adored this store at first sight but I loved that it even had a little exhibition on vintage underwear showing rare pieces from the 1930s, which were made before elastic had been invented so the knickers had to buttoned which was really fascinating. The owner David was very knowledge able about all the history of vintage underwear which was great and I particularly loved that he had lots of vintage packaging and advertisements from the past which were simply beautiful. I fell in love with the whole store so I just had to take some pictures to share with my readers and of course I couldn't come away without snagging some pieces for my own collection! I managed to get my hands on a beautiful blue girdle with trimmed lace and a matching blue bra which I adore! If you are in the area I definitely recommend checking out this little store, and it's also worth a trip to look round Bygone Times too, I'd recommend giving yourself a few hours to spare as there are so many wonderful things to see.

Coco Von Vintage x