Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pin up Picnic in the Park

Aloha my Cherry Pies, so on Saturday I went to Pin up Picnic in the Park at Hyde Park in London hosted by the wonderful British Belles. It was quite the journey for me as I had to travel from Manchester but it was totally worth it as the whole day was amazing.

The day started off with me hopping on the train at Manchester in all my vintage finery, and then navigating myself around London underground to meet everyone at 11 o'clock. It was such a lovely sight to emerge from the underground to see all the ladies dressed up to the nines. Everyone looked amazing and there was so many wonderful dresses! Some people including myself had brought parasols while other had fantastic vintage picnic baskets which just added to the sight, we even attracted some tourists to start taking photos of us.

After everyone had met up we headed over to the park where picnic blankets were thrown down and the Pimms was opened. The sun was blazing so I was super glad that I brought my parasol to give me some shade. A few drinks later and with lots of yummy food consumed people were soon taking photos and we even managed to convince some police men to get a picture with us. It was a 50s girls dream being there as it was great to chat to like minded people. There was even a cute little dog there dressed with a little sailor hat on that completely I fell in love with. The atmosphere was fantastic as everyone really got on and with the music playing the hours quickly went by. Around teatime people started to depart and it was time for me head back to Manchester too, I have to say I had the best experience and met some really lovely people that I can't wait to see at the next event.

The British Belles are hopefully hosting this as an annual event so if you couldn't make it this time I definitely recommend it next year.

What I wore:
Pink Vintage dress from - Retro Rehab
Flamingo bag from - Fabulous Flamingo Purse
Parasol - Ebay
Pink sandals - Primark

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Vintage outfit of the day - Pink Lady

Aloha my Cherrypies, so I thought I'd write a little piece on what I wore today as I came across this amazing vintage dress in a little vintage shop in Manchester and just had to share it with you all.

So I picked up this dress in a shop called Retro Rehab, I love this shop because they colour coordinate all the rails so that if your looking for a certain coloured outfit its super easy to find. I'm really into my pinks at the moment so I headed straight for the pink section. This dress really stood out to me because the colour is just fantastic and I loved the shape of it, I feel very 50s housewife in it and I also loved that the feathers on it are hand painted which makes it really unique.

The fabric of the dress is a lovely cotton blend so I think its going to feel great on summer days, I styled it with this super cute light pink under skirt as the fabric of the dress was slightly see through. I also decided to finally try out the Rosie the Riveter style of headscarf and I used my beautiful poodle print chiffon scarf by Clumsy Kate. I definitely think this is one of my favourite vintage outfits to date and one I'm going to keep coming back to.

I also had to get a quick snap with Ted as I'm wearing a bit poodle print and he is half poodle so I thought it was fitting haha.

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Vintage girls dream - My days with The Cherry Dollface

Aloha my Cherrypies, so I've had the most amazing few days as one of my ultimate dreams came true... I got to meet my idol Cherry Dollface! Cherry is the whole reason I became interested in the vintage scene and why I'm so passionate about it now. She is a total inspiration and it was the most amazing experience meeting her, not only is she an amazing vintage make up and hair stylist and model she is such a lovely genuine person too. If anyone reading this has not heard of her before I definitely recommend checking out her Youtube channel Thecherrydollface and you can fall in love with her just like I did haha.

So quite a few months ago Cherry who is American and lives in Los Angeles announced on her Youtube channel that she was coming to the UK, I think I might have actually screamed at my computer in excitement when I found out as she hasn't been to the UK before. I knew I just had to book in with her so I booked to do her pinup hair and make up class that was held at Bethany Jane Davies Vintage hair salon in Manchester, and I also booked to do a photo shoot at HMS Vintage (an amazing pinup studio in Manchester) too where Cherry would do my hair and make up.

So firstly on Thursday was the hair and make up class, it was so great as there were lots of other vintage loving girls there and it was so fantastic to speak to them and share stories and "talk shop" haha. Cherry was amazing as she was so down to earth and funny and it was so surreal with her being there in front of us all. The class was also great because Cherry has so much knowledge on hair and make up so I picked up some really great tips. The day she came to Manchester also happened to be her birthday so there was cake and a little sing song at the end which was super sweet.

Friday was my photo shoot day and for me it was such a magical day. Cherry did my hair and make up and it was great just to talk to her one to one as the day before there were so many other girls. She was so lovely and styled my hair into some amazing victory rolls, she even managed to get my bangs into them which I thought would be an impossible feat as they are at an awkward stage at the moment as I'm growing them out. She then did my my make up in a classic pinup style and made me look so beautiful if I don't say so myself haha, then it was lights, camera and action for me and I got to do a fantastic pinup style shoot at the studio. The whole day was amazing and I would definitely recommend a photo shoot at HMS Vintage any time as Ian the photographer and Ewa who usually does the hair styling are so nice and they make you feel so at ease. I'm so excited to get my photos back from the shoot! All in all it was the most amazing experience and total dream come true.

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lust haves #3

Aloha my Cherry pies, so today I’ve been going through the internet and lusting after all sorts again so I thought I’d show you some of the things I'm loving right now!
Ok so as everyone knows I’m tropical mad! So when Collectif brought out this dress I was in heaven! I need this dress in my life! The pineapple print is gorgeous, it’s like it came out of my dreams. I love the classic Dolores shape that Collectif does as it’s so flattering, this has to be my perfect summer dress. Hurry up payday!
Another bag that I’m loving right now is this adorable little bag by Floozie that you can get at Debenhams in the UK. I just recently got the matching purse which is super adorable but I absolutely adore the bag. The print is so cute and perfect as it has flamingos, cocktails, cherries and little pinup girls on it! What more could you want on a bag!

I have just actually brought this brooch as I simply couldn’t resist but I thought I just had to show you all as it is amazing! Atomic Mingo are relatively new on the scene but her brooches are to die for! I love how quirky and original they are and they are all hand painted by the amazing blogger Miss Lixxie Lou, I will definitely be getting more in the near future. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Hope you all enjoyed reading Guys and Dolls x