Sunday, 20 December 2015

Casual Pin Up

Aloha my Cherrypies, if you follow me on Instagram (coco_vonvintage ;) ) you will have realised that I have a slight obsession with sweaters at the moment, you'll also have noticed that I'm wearing the heck out of my eyelash jumpers that I got for Select. I absolutely adore these sweaters, they are super comfy and really warm which is perfect in these chilly winter months.

I'm really feeling the casual Pin Up look recently so these sweaters are perfect for rocking that look, I love to pair my sweater with my Lady K Loves hug me baby jeans which are high waisted so its gives a great retro feel if you tuck the sweater into the jeans. These jeans are a massive favourite of mine and I'm sure you will have come across them online by now as they look super flattering and give you curves for days.

I completed my casual Pin Up look by adding a super cute novelty brooch and of course on this occasion it had to be a flamingo one as I'm sure you will have realised from previous blogs I'm gaga for flamingos! I also love rocking a headscarf, especially for those days when you can't be bothered with the fuss of doing a full Pin Up hair style. I love picking up cute kitsch head scarves at vintage fairs then all you need to do is do a cute barrel roll at the front and the rest you just put into the scarf, and voila you're ready to go!

So for all my lovely readers I thought I'd have some fun and take some picture of me in my favourite casual Pin Up outfit of the moment. P.S I'm not the greatest photographer in the world haha! I'm sure you'll spot the kitchen towel!

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