Monday, 14 March 2016

Miss Ruby Rockabillys Beauty School!

Aloha my cherry pies, so if any of you lovely readers follow me on social media you'll have seen that on Saturday I was lucky enough to head to Birmingham to attend Miss Ruby Rockabillys Beauty School. If you don't know who Ruby is then I suggest you have a sneaky look on Instagram as she is one amazing lady, not only does she work with one of my favourite brands Pinup Girl Clothing (jealous much!) she is also a model and one heck of vintage hair stylist, the things that woman can do with hair gah! It was like watching a magician work their magic on Saturday and all the girls who attended were just in awe! It was also so lovely to just meet Ruby in person after following her (did someone say stalking?) on Instagram for so long and she was so nice, down to earth and funny.

The class itself was hosted at Le Keux Vintage salon which was just the perfect place. All us ladies attending got to the venue pretty early (too eager I guess) and watched while Ruby finished off setting the models hair into pin curls and then the magic began!! Ruby styled three hairstyles on the day which I've documented in photographic form below and each was as magical as the last. There was even a prize draw and I amazingly won something! (that never happens, trust me!) and happily came home with some Le Keux black Cadillac eye liner paint. The atmosphere was lovely as it was great to be in a setting with so many like minded ladies and just having a blast.

I had an amazing day and if Ruby comes back to the UK another year I definitely recommend you attending yourself! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Coco Von Vintage x

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