Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Classic Carboot at London Kings Cross

Aloha my cherrypies, so if you follow my Instagram you will have seen that last weekend I attended the Classic Carboot sale that was hosted just outside of London Kings Cross. It was also an extra special day as I was meeting up with some amazing vintage loving gals there too so that we could do what girls do!

The Classic Carboot for those of you that don't know is more of a vintage fair rather than a carboot sale but is one that is hosted outside. Although the air was chilly and it drizzled more than once I had an amazing time. Not only was there vintage treasures galore there were amazing classic vintage cars and lots off amazing food and drink spots such as the double decker bus bar!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself looking around all the amazing vintage that trader's had to offer and shall be certainly attending next time with lots of cash to spend. The carboot had everything to offer from housewares to clothing, shoes, bags and even some vintage underwear. The only thing I would say is that although it says carboot the prices are more of a kin to fairs.

So what did buy?! I bought a gorgeous dress covered in flowers with hidden little motifs in such as windmills and violins that I absolutely adored, and I also bought an amazing vintage girdle with blue flower print on that I just couldn't come home without! I did see some amazing glass blown flamingos with a matching palm tree but unfortunately I just couldn't spend £35 on it, I'm afraid it will haunt my dreams forever but I did take a picture of it below so I can treasure the look of it for years to come haha! There was also an amazing utility clothing green knit swimsuit that was to die for that I also photographed below which I think would look amazing if you were attending an event like Viva!

The whole day was simply amazing and I loved  dressing up in my vintage finery, I was stopped more than a few times with my gal pals for photos which was also super fun. After all the shopping the day was rounded off by one too many cocktails at Cahoots which is also a place I suggest checking out if you love your vintage as it is WW2 themed bar. If you are in the area next time the carboot is on I sincerely suggest checking it out and seeing what vintage treasures you can find too.

Coco Von Vintage x

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