Friday, 27 March 2015

Novelty Brooch Friday!

Aloha everyone, seen as its Friday I thought I’d do a post on novelty brooches. As you can see from my picture I have quite the obsession, I love collecting novelty brooches and it’s not something I plan on stopping any time soon. I love how fun and quirky brooches can be and how they can make you stand out from the crowd and I also feel its a chance to let your personally shine through your jewellery.

So I thought I’d quickly go through where each of the brooches are from but I’m planning on doing a more in depth review of each of the companies featured here in separate posts. The first row of brooches are by the amazing Ella Mobbs of Creep Heart based in Australia, I love her style of illustration it’s so cute and I LOVE her tiki mug brooches! You should definitely check out her website she’s got tons of amazing stuff on there!

In the second row I have 3 brooches by the wonderful Katy Crebbin of Luxulite, I’m sure every gal will have heard of her Etsy store by now because her brooches are just amazing. I love fruit inspired pieces so I just had to get the pineapple and cherry brooches that she does! I also have on this row a poison apple brooch by Poison of Choice which is based in the US she does really lovely resin pieces and this brooch is just so amazing and sparkly.

On the third row I have my two favourite brooches by Erst Wilder based in Australia, as soon as I saw the flamingo brooch I knew I had to have it, it’s perfect and when the new American diner collection came out the milkshake brooch made my heart stop! Also on this row is another flamingo brooch by Jubly-umph, the illustrations by this company are so cute I just simply adore them. I also have a teapot necklace that they did and they have just bought out a baking themed collection which I’m lusting after. The other brooch on this row is from the Crave Yard, I love atomic pieces and this blue one is just awesome, Junebugs and Georgia Peachesdid a review on this company and as soon as I read it I knew I had to purchase one of these brooches.

The last row features two brooches from Deer Arrow which is a company I have only just heard about based in Australia but everyone is raving about them, the milkshake brooch and the diner brooch as just too cute and it was love at first site when I saw them, I love how they are made out of wood and hand painted which gives them that little personal touch. I also have my Hula girl on this row which I purchased from the amazing Rock'a'frilly based here in the UK, she has such a lovely site and sells all of your jewellery needs. The last brooch which is the glittery lips I got in my Lucky Dip Club box last month which is a super amazing company where you sign up to a themed box but you don’t know what you will receive till it pops through your letterbox, I love this company and am planning on doing a bigger review on them soon.

I also thought id just mention that the background I used to display the brooches is actually a really amazing silk scarf in pineapple print that you can get from Clumsy Kate. Her stuff is really amazing and every tropical girls dream!

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

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