Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pin up Picnic in the Park

Aloha my Cherry Pies, so on Saturday I went to Pin up Picnic in the Park at Hyde Park in London hosted by the wonderful British Belles. It was quite the journey for me as I had to travel from Manchester but it was totally worth it as the whole day was amazing.

The day started off with me hopping on the train at Manchester in all my vintage finery, and then navigating myself around London underground to meet everyone at 11 o'clock. It was such a lovely sight to emerge from the underground to see all the ladies dressed up to the nines. Everyone looked amazing and there was so many wonderful dresses! Some people including myself had brought parasols while other had fantastic vintage picnic baskets which just added to the sight, we even attracted some tourists to start taking photos of us.

After everyone had met up we headed over to the park where picnic blankets were thrown down and the Pimms was opened. The sun was blazing so I was super glad that I brought my parasol to give me some shade. A few drinks later and with lots of yummy food consumed people were soon taking photos and we even managed to convince some police men to get a picture with us. It was a 50s girls dream being there as it was great to chat to like minded people. There was even a cute little dog there dressed with a little sailor hat on that completely I fell in love with. The atmosphere was fantastic as everyone really got on and with the music playing the hours quickly went by. Around teatime people started to depart and it was time for me head back to Manchester too, I have to say I had the best experience and met some really lovely people that I can't wait to see at the next event.

The British Belles are hopefully hosting this as an annual event so if you couldn't make it this time I definitely recommend it next year.

What I wore:
Pink Vintage dress from - Retro Rehab
Flamingo bag from - Fabulous Flamingo Purse
Parasol - Ebay
Pink sandals - Primark

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

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