Saturday, 19 September 2015

Cocos Vintage Wetset

Aloha my cherry pies, so I get quite a few compliments on my hair and people often ask how I style it so I thought I'd put together a little photo tutorial on all the steps I go through. Please do bare in mind though this is how I style my hair and not how everyone does it and that I'm not a professional.

The first thing you're going to need is the essentials. You will need foam rollers, a hair net, a big headscarf, a paddle brush, a teasing comb and stetting lotion. I used Lottabody setting lotion although I store it in a squirty bottle as shown in the picture.

I have added picture here so that everyone can see the length of my hair when it is just freshly washed and dried. I have a Middy which is an authentic vintage cut and does help create the desired shape when you have styled it.

For a Wetset the first thing you need to do is wet your hair. For my first set of the week I will always wash mine and then for other sets I generally use another squirty bottle full on water and spritz my hair before adding the rollers. (You will probably find that freshly washed hair is the hardest to mould as it quite slippery). You will need to have wet hair as the curl will not hold very well if not and will drop during the day, the curl needs to dry into the desired shape. But do remember you want your hair to be only slightly damp as if it is any wetter it will simply not dry and when you wake up you wont have curls you'll just have a mess (trust me I've done this plenty of times haha), There's a fine line and once you've got the hang of it you'll learn how dry your hair needs to be for it to work. I personally don't recommend blow drying your hair to the desired dampness as I just feel that it leaves the hair too dry and plus I'm not a big fan of damaging my hair with heat.

So once your hair is mostly dry its time to put in your setting lotion. I generally put it in my hands first then run them through my hair till I feel it has got enough in, you don't want to put too much in or it can feel kinda crispy. The next step is the putting the rollers in. I use foam rollers as I find them much easier to sleep in and they give a good curl. As you can see from the picture I did run out of rollers for the back so had to use pillow rollers which I don't really like as I don't feel they curl as well but needs must. I must say here that I am not the neatest at putting in rollers haha. Also always remember its important to tuck in the ends of the hair as if not they will not curl right and it wont look neat when you take out the rollers. (I have also done this a few times too haha)

Once your rollers are in what I recommend to do is put on a hair net, it doesn't look attractive but it does keep the rollers from coming loose when you're sleeping. I then add a big head scarf for good measure. Now its time to sleep!

So in the morning you need to gently take out the rollers, don't pull them out as this can cause unneeded frizz. Once they are out they should be quite tight curls.

What you need to do now is to separate the curls by running your hands through them. Some people panic now as this makes the hair become gigantic but don't worry it'll be fine when you start to brush.

Then you need to take your paddle brush, and using the palm of your hand put the hair in your palm and brush down. If you don't use your palm the hair wont smooth down and will just stay frizzy. Now its up to you on how curled you want it, some people brush for about 15 mins to get the desired curl but its up to yourself.

Next its time to sort out fringe/bangs. I take them out of the rollers then give them a good brush with the paddle brush. Then I part it into three sections, and each section I back comb and hair spray. The end result should look like my picture and be able to stand in the air on its own, this can worry some people but the more the back comb the better as its makes it more mouldable. What I do now is place my hand on forehead and use the teasing comb to smooth the fringe section over the back of my hand, you just need to smooth the top layer and it should create a nice swooping fringe effect, you can then play about with the ends of the fringe, I try to get them to swoop back to create an S shape fringe, but it depends on what your hair wants to do on the day, sometimes mine wants to curl on the ends so I let it.

Next you just need to hair spray all your hair and sometimes, like when I styled this, I pin back the side opposite to my fringe as it was a bit too curled for my liking. You could then add a little touch such as a hair flower and you're good to go.

And there you have it Guys and Dolls, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it useful.

Coco Von Vintage x

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