Monday, 27 April 2015

Vintage Treasures

Aloha everyone, so the other week I was in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire with family and we went into a little vintage shop that I love called Lucy and the Caterpillar, this is where I picked up my yellow box bag I blogged about previously. While there I happened to see a navy blue Kelly bag, I've seen a few of these at various vintage fairs in the past and have always liked the look of them. I love the shape and I think they look very classy. Well, when I picked up this bag my Nanna who was there with me happened to say that she had a few at home that belonged to my Great Aunt and that I could have them, well I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

So my Nanna brought them over a couple of days later and she did not disappoint, they were gorgeous! They all all made out of patent leather and are just beautiful. They are in great condition and I especially love the white one which is actually a pinkey white colour, this shall be adorning my arm to the upcoming Atomic festival! I just love how classy they make my feel and are aptly called a Kelly bag because Grace Kelly used to wear them which makes them feel even more special.

My Nanna also brought over these cute little evening bags too which was an extra special added bonus. I love the little embroider one, theses also are in perfect condition and I can not wait to put them to use. Top marks Nanna!

Thanks for reading Guys and Gals x

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  1. aww such a lovely thing for your nan to do! The bags are abosolutely gorgeous. I'm always curious about what my nan would have worn :-)