Sunday, 5 April 2015

Novelty Bags

Aloha everyone, ok so as I mentioned before I have a serious love for all things novelty and whimsical, and when it comes to bags this is no exception as I hold a special place in my heart for them. I've never been much of a shoe girl, mainly because I'm too clumsy and always end up scuffing them which upsets me deeply but when it comes to bags it is a love that can not be extinguished. I love a good vintage bag as much as the next vintage gal but cute novelty bags always get me.

My favourite novelty bag of all time has to be my flamingo bag, it was love at first sight when I saw this and I knew I had to have one. It super duper cute and I love how when I use it so many people comment on it. If you looking to snag your very own flamingo bag I got mine from the wonderful Eye Candy Sugar on Etsy.
New Look have started doing a really great range of novelty bags lately that I love. They brought out a fruit collection and a junk food collection that I just absolutely adored! But they seem to do a new collection each season and I definitely recommend checking them out. The only down size to these bags are that they super tiny so they are great for a night out but not so much during the day. 
I ADORE Kate Spade and her bags are sooo amazing, I saw this bag on the lovely thesoubrettebrunette blog and knew I needed to hunt it down. I love how this bag reminds me of a retro trip to a drive in cinema.

So as I've mentioned previously I go absolutely bananas for anything Pineapple related. I saw this bag in a magazine advertising that it was at Asda which is a UK supermarket and I wanted it so bad! I looked for it everywhere and couldn't find it and I was so disheartened until my good friend finally found it in an Asda near her house! I'm so happy she did because it's just a most have for any tropical gal.

I hope you all enjoyed reading through my novelty bag collection, that I have no intention of stopping collecting! Because life is just too short for a boring bag ;)

Thanks for reading Guys and Gals x

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