Monday, 4 May 2015

Atomic Festival

Aloha my lovelies, so this Saturday I attended Atomic Festival at Sywell Aerodrome which is a mid-century vintage festival. I was super excited to go as all the pictures from last year looked fantastic! I'd never been to a vintage festival before so I didn't really know what to expect but when I got there the atmosphere was great and everyone looked amazing dressed up in their finest. So I thought I'd share with you some pictures from the festival and talk a little bit about it.

 So the first place we went was obviously the vintage shopping market. They had some great sellers there like Freddies of Pinewood, Miss Bamboo, Lady K Loves and Campbell Crafts to name but a few. The Campbell Crafts stall really impressed me as they had it all set up in a vintage caravan and had plastic lawn flamingos out which I thought looked great, they were also selling had some great American brands like Bait and Pinup Girl clothing at their stall, they even had the Mary Blair cat print skirt in my size which I instantly snagged! Also inside one of the tents they had samples of the new Bernie Dexter line which was inspired by Atomic, the dress she is bringing out is super cute, I may just have to purchase it in the near future!

After shopping we then went to get some lunch in the restaurant on site which was really awesome as it was all Art Deco style. Then we toddled on down to meet some girls I had met through a vintage meets up page on Facebook. The girls were so lovely and really made the festival for me as it was great to meet people with similar interests. So after meeting we went to check out the jet display by the red arrows which was really cool, I love planes and the sound they make, I feel like I've just stepped back into the 1940s. It was then on to see some drag races which was really fun but made you smell like burnt rubber haha.

While there we also did some Jive lessons which was amazing, it was super fun and has definitely inspired me to look up for Jive lessons closer to home. They also had a Jive competition on which was great fun to watch but it was hard to see as the room was so packed. The festivals also had a classic car display, the cars were absolutely gorgeous, I just wanted to drive away in one. I was a bit disappointed that the poodle display was on the Sunday but happy to see that the owners where walking round so I got to have some cuddles with them! I think I may have developed a love of poodles on the spot as when we went on the second shopping trip Clumsy Kate was selling her own design of poodle printed chiffon scarves, I got so excited and had to buy one!

After grabbing more food at a great hog dog stand and waffle stand, we went to check out some bands. The bands in the afternoon were playing the the big top, the music was great and I loved seeing all the couples taking to the dance floor and jiving along to the music.

In the evening we all went into hangar one which had a bar and live music. This was one of my favourite parts of the day as it really felt like you had been transported back in time. I kept thinking a pilot might ask me to dance haha :P. I even got up and did a bit of dancing myself from the coaxing of one of my new friends and put what I'd learned from the previous dance lesson into practice, I was terrible but it was great fun, we even got a lady to show us how to stroll which was a bit like line dancing. There was great atmosphere at night when everything was all lit up, the caravans some people brought were vintage and looked really lovely, I would have loved to have been staying in one at night or at the hotel on site called the Aviator hotel which looked really Art Deco.

I had a fantastic time and it was amazing experience for my first festival. Some of the things we didn't try was the wall of death which you have to pay extra for, they also had trampoline and roller rink but I didn't fancy rolling and jumping around in my petticoat haha. I would most definitely go to a festival again and fingers crossed I will be attending Twinwood this year.

Thanks for reading Guys and Dolls x

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