Sunday, 31 May 2015

Spotlight on - Style by Portobello

Aloha everyone, so I recently came across this amazing company called Style by Portobello which is great monthly subscription box. There are a lot of subscription boxes out there at the moment but I just love this one as you get handpicked vintage items from Portobello market straight to your door. I love how each month it's a surprise of what you’re going to get and who doesn’t like surprises right?

So for those of you who don't know, Portobello market is an amazing vintage market in London that sells all kinds of vintage treasures. As I live in sunny old Manchester its quite far away from London so this box for me is pure genius!

The company is run by a lovely woman called Nzinga who includes a lovely handwritten card in each box which I liked as I love a personal touch. The website is great too as when you sign up to your box you do a little survey so she can evaluate what kind of things to get for you at the market which I think is fab idea.

 So my first box came the other day and I was so excited to open it. The first item I got was this amazing 70s snake skin bag which I simply adore as I am a massive bag fan! I think this bag is going to be great in the summer and its really versatile so it will go with a lot of my outfits. I also got this really lovely scarf and gold chain which I love, I really cant wait to style them into my outfits! 

The boxes are priced at £35 a month which is a little more pricey than other different subscription boxes but I think for what you get it is definitely worth your money and everything you get is completely unique. If you would like your own Style by Portobello box go to Style by Portobello, I cant wait for my next months box to come :)

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