Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pinup up abroad - Outfits

Aloha my cherrypies so I have just come back from an amazing holiday in Tenerife filled with sunshine, sea and one too many cocktails. Tenerife is beautiful Spanish island in the Canary's and is a really amazing place to go on holiday if you get the chance as the weather is gorgeous and the food and drinks are plenty haha. So my lovelies if you have been looking at my Instagram you will have seen what I have been wearing abroad so I thought id just got into a little detail on what I wore and where I bought it.

My favourite outfit of the holiday was this gorgeous skirt and top by The Oblong Box Shop. All the clothes from this shop are amazing and I love how the top goes perfectly with the skirt. The skirt is from the palm springs collection and I just love everything in this collection and definitely have some things on my wish list for the future. The quality of the pieces are lovely and the top is stretchy so its super comfy. The print on the skirt is gorgeous too as I am just flamingo mad. As you know I'm also pineapple mad as well so I had to pair this outfit with this super cute pineapple bag from New Look.

My second outfit is this amazing twin set by Collectif clothing. Collectif is my one stop shop for everything vintage inspired and when I saw this set with the flamingo and toucan print I knew it would look perfect on a holiday. Its a tropical dream, the material is really high quality, but I did have to wait till night to wear this as the material is quite thick so it was too hot to wear during the day. I also put a real flower in my hair with this outfit as I felt its gave it that extra tropical touch.

My third outfit was was pineapple tastic. My pineapple print skirt was from Primark last year, the material on in was very light so it was perfect to keep me cool. The top was from H&M recently and I am just madly in love with the sequin pineapple as its super gorgeous and sparkly. I am also wearing a super cute glittery pineapple clip from Alternate Normality but unfortunately you cant see it in the picture.

My next outfit was also one of my favourites as it was a great vintage buy. I managed to snag it at a vintage kilo event after seeing a lady pick it up and falling in love with the dress, so as you do I followed her round the event in hopes that she would put it down, and she did, lucky me haha. I also paired it with this great straw hat from H&M. I'm really into my hats now for the summer after seeing how Modern June Cleaver over at junebugsandgeorgiapeaches looks in hers, she has totally inspired me and brought me over the hat side of life!

My last outfit is this super cute combo of deadly dames and watermelons which I think totally works haha. The skirt is again from Primark and I managed to pick it up when I picked up the pineapple skirt as they had some really cute circle skirts in last year. I paired it with this amazing deadly dames top from Pin Up Girl Clothing that I hadn't worn before but I have no idea why because I love it! Its super flattering and because its black its very versatile so I will definitely be bringing out this bad boy more often!.

Hope you enjoyed reading, thanks Guys and Dolls x

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